New Papa John’s Location on Lascassas Pike serving MTSU Campus and nearby apartments beginning November 2nd!
Starting Tuesday, November 2nd, the new Papa John’s location at 2089 Lascassas Pike will be serving all MTSU Campus locations and nearby apartments. Please click HERE to see a list of apartment complexes and the correct store to use for placing your order. Please see below for updated detailed delivery maps for each Papa John’s location.

Important! Please remove your delivery location from “Saved Addresses” in the “Settings” menu and add your delivery location again in order for the new store settings to take effect to ensure you can order from the correct store.

Use Your FlexBucks to Order Papa John’s Pizza

How Do I Start?
If you are an active MTSU student or staff member and have FlexBucks or RaiderFunds, you’re already registered! Simply follow the link at or go directly to from your computer or mobile device web browser. You can also download the GET Mobile app for Apple or Android mobile devices. From the login screen, enter your Pipeline credentials.

When you log in for the first time, click on “Settings” in the upper right corner to enter your contact number and primary delivery address. If you live on campus or in an apartment complex near campus, select “On Campus or Off Campus Apts” (“On Campus” on mobile app) and choose your dorm, campus building or apartment complex in the “Building” section and enter your room/apartment number in the “Room” section. If your apartment complex isn’t listed or you have a street address, you can add your location by selecting “Street Address” (“Off Campus” on mobile app) and completing the form with your address. Note: Street Address delivery locations must be within 2 miles of the Memorial Blvd, South Rutherford Blvd, or Lascassas Pike store locations. You can add additional locations, so your pizza can go where you go.

How Do I Order?
Click on the “GET Food” link at the top of the page to access the ordering service. Note your current location in the upper left corner, which can be changed to another location by clicking on it and following the above instructions. For the mobile app, you will confirm your delivery location after you select the “Delivery” option at the top of the screen. If you live on campus, your store is the Papa John’s Lascassas Pike location. If you live in an off-campus apartment or a street address, your store will be Lascassas Pike, Memorial Blvd or South Rutherford Blvd location, depending on which location serves that address. See maps linked above to know your area. Click “Order” next to the appropriate location to begin.

Orders can be placed for either pickup or delivery now or for a later date and time. Please keep in mind that all delivery orders require 60 minutes to prepare and deliver and pickup orders require 30 minutes to be prepared. Once selecting “Now” or “Later”, the menu will expand and allow you to choose from Papa John’s menu of pizzas, wings, sides and desserts. Don’t forget the drinks!  All delivery orders include a $3.50 fee, which does not include driver tip.

Once you have finished selecting your items, click on “My Shopping Cart” in upper right corner and click on “Check Out”. For mobile app, click on “View Order” at bottom of screen and then “Checkout”. Update your phone number for this order if needed and select which RaiderFunds or Flex plan you want to use for the order. If you are not sure which plan has enough funds to cover the order total, you can click on the “GET Funds” link at the top of the page and your plan balances will display. Once you click on “Pay Now” (“Checkout” on mobile app), you will receive a confirmation showing your delivery time.

Questions?  Contact us by calling 615-898-2675, emailing or visiting us at KUC 202.